The Butcher Brothers, Preston

Passionate young food entrepreneurs making their mark with an artisan approach to preparing and presenting quality local meat sourced from happy, outdoor-reared herds.

“What’s on offer truly is a showcase for the amazing farmers and producers right on our doorstep. There’s no mass-produced meat here – we stick with the smaller producers who specialise in grass-fed, outdoor-reared native breeds.

“I’m proud to be working alongside these committed local artisan producers and excited about making it easier for people to discover quality local produce and taste the difference for themselves.

“The welfare of the animals is paramount to me and we always go the extra mile to meet the producers and make sure the animals are happy in a healthy natural environment.

“Getting to know the producers and their animals on this deeper level means we can establish the provenance and quality of our suppliers’ produce then share that with our customers.

“We love chatting to customers – not just about where we source our meat – but also about how to bring the best out in it when they get it home to cook it.

“Our meat is prepared and presented to the highest standards by skilled artisan butchers. Our beef is trimmed to extremely precise standards so that there is very little waste when customers come to cook it.

“As well as being great friends, Joe and I share the same ethos, morals and passion when it comes to butchery. We started our careers at the same time and Joe trained alongside with me. He’s my right hand man and someone I know shares the same love for quality local produce.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel – we employ all the traditional skills of established butchers, but we are aiming to put our own twist on how we source and present the meat.

“We make our own rubs and marinades which are designed to enhance the natural flavour of the meat rather than disguise mediocre meat with brightly coloured glazes and overly spicy or sweet marinades.


A quote from Callum Gillies

Our basic philosophy is that high quality, properly aged meat doesn’t need messing around with. We’re really proud of the quality of our steaks, where we’re looking for good fat content and nice, even marbling. They are properly aged and packed with flavour. A bit of salt and pepper and they’re good to go.

“But we do offer some more elaborate prepared dishes like our mojito-flavoured Mexican tacos and Thai inspired pork, lemongrass and ginger meatballs. We’ve also experimented with bourbon-glazed steaks and Bowland Ale meatballs – which went down really well with a pint from the beer hall next door.

“Talking to people about the meat is such an important part of what we do. We really want to share that passion with customers and get them excited about supporting local producers.

“We’re having some great conversations with customers and there’s a real buzz about the Bowland Food Hall. We’ve been quite taken aback by how well-informed our customers are and the sort of detailed questions they are asking about the meats.

“We couldn’t have a better canvas to showcase our take on modern butchery – it’s such a great environment to work in. We’ve been putting in 12-hour days to get the butchery counter where we want it, but we both still go home with big smiles on our faces.

“We’re both pouring our hearts and souls into this – it’s a craft and we want to promote that craft so that people can appreciate the difference when they shop local.”

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