Spitfire Heritage Gin, Preston

Typically British, Spitfire Heritage Gin as a brand aims high to achieve excellence and be the best in everything they do – and that’s something they’ve definitely achieved with their fantastic spirits.

Spitfires are more than just vintage aircraft. They’re a symbol of togetherness and common human values – which are all beliefs that the brand holds close to their heart. Spitfires were designed to be the best and conquer all, as are the spirits made by this unique distillery.

A quote from Ian Hewitt

“ There is no room for mediocre, or even a mention of second best in the story of the Spitfire. It is difficult for subsequent generations to compute the magnitude of the task required of the Spitfire and the RAF, for second best in the Battle of Britain would have simply meant the start of the end of the free world.

I was clear from the very start of this journey that in paying tribute to the Spitfire we had a responsibility to aim high, to be the best, with excellence being a prerequisite to all that we do.

In facing up to this challenge we have created one of the finest Gins in Blighty, in the Spirit of the Spitfire created to be the best.

Our freedom to live and love and drink Gin with whomsoever we choose was a hard won freedom. For which we pay tribute to, give thanks for and share the stories of this most incredible of generations.

Be proud of your Spitfire Heritage”.

Uniquely, Spitfire Heritage Gin was formed after the founder, Ian Hewitt, wrote a children’s book that inspired the creation of the Spitfire Heritage Trust. From there, the journey to creating one of the finest gins in the world had begun.

Ian identified the Spitfire Heritage Trust needed a product that encapsulated the best of British spirit that Spitfires represent. Plus, one that the public would be keen to buy too. And all roads pointed to gin! The great British tipple. They also distill artisan vodka too.

A quote from Bowland Food Hall

“Proud to be a stockist of this fabulous local product that embodies the British spirit”

Housed in a stunning 300-acre barn, this distillery is like no other. The facilities are second to none and are one of only a handful of its kind in the UK! It really is quality British produce and we’re proud to stock both their gin and vodka products at the Food Hall.