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Mr Fitzpatrick’s Vintage Cordials, Rossendale

A refreshing alternative to alcoholic drinks previously only available at Britain’s last Victorian Temperance Bar in Rawtenstall, Mr Fitzpatrick’s huge range of distinctive cordials is now available for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it’s ‘Dry January’ or no wine on ‘school nights’, moderating our alcohol intake is becoming more and more mainstream. But it’s a lot easier to stay on the wagon if you have a range of interesting alternatives in the fridge.

“We’re getting more and more interest from across the country – especially down south,” chuckles Mr Fitzpatrick’s John Entwistle. “They love things like the elderflower, cranberry and pomegranate cordials, but mention sarsaparilla or dandelion & burdock and they haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about!

A quote from John Entwistle

“We call our traditional cordials ‘time travel in a bottle’ because they take people back to their childhood and usually evoke nostalgic memories of a time when a bottle of ‘pop’ was a real treat.

“Rhubarb and rosehip is our best-seller now and with such a huge range of flavours available, we’re seeing a huge increase in demand for non-alcoholic cocktails or ‘mocktails’ as our mixologist calls them.”

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