Emma’s Dairy, Gazegill Organic Farm, Rimington

Rich and creamy organic milk from a happy, herd of grass-fed shorthorn cattlegrazing in the shadow of Pendle Hill

“Gazegill has been in our family for more than 500 years, so we’ve developed a pretty detailed understanding of the land and what it’s best at producing,” explains Emma Robinson, standing among her herd of 75 short-horn cattle in a verdant pasture beneath Pendle Hill.

“The farm has never been a high intensity operation and we made the decision to go organic in 1998. This means we’ve been able to get a better price for our milk at a time when a lot of dairy farmers have really been struggling.

“The cattle are out in the meadows for as much of the year as possible and are fed only on natural hay during the winter. Shorthorns are a traditional breed from the northwest that are hardier than Friesians and tend to be better at looking after themselves.


A quote from Emma Robinson

“They’re better suited to an organic system and although the yield is lower, the fat content is higher so the milk tastes more creamy. We never push our cows for higher yields nor do we fill them with proteins and hormones that are often used in more intensive dairy farming. The result is a raw natural milk with a creamy yellow colour with all the probiotic natural enzymes alive and well and slightly sweet taste often missing from heavily processed milk.”

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