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D. Byrne & Co, Clitheroe

A much-loved institution in the foodie-focused market town of Clitheroe, D Byrne & Co is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading independent wine retailers.

Joseph Byrne joined the family firm when he was just 16 and has hand-picked the selection of fine wines and spirits available at Bowland Food Hall.


A quote from Joseph Byrne

“We taste everything we sell, so we’re in a good position to advise customers on choosing wines we think they will enjoy based on their existing tastes and maybe what sort of dishes they are planning to drink it with.”

“We have such a vast stock of wines, from just a few pounds a bottle to hundreds of pounds a bottle, so we try to narrow it down by asking customer what sort of wines they currently prefer and how much they are prepared to spend.

“The wines we have selected for the Food Hall range from easy drinking whites for every day enjoyment to more distinguished reds to accompany a dinner party with friends.”

And for customers looking for a distinctive aperitif to enjoy with friends, Joe can also advise on a huge variety of speciality and connoisseur gins.

“We’ve seen gin sales go through the roof over the last year or two and the popularity of small-batch speciality spirits shows no sign of stopping. We now carry more than 400 varieties – including a couple of Lancashire-made gins from local distillers – so there should be something to suit all tastes.”

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