Cheesie Jan

‘Cheesie Jan’ is a familiar face to Ribble Valley foodies and after more than a decade behind the counter at Cheesie Tchaikovsky, Jan is now expanding her repertoire to embrace charcuterie and a truly scrumptious range of pies and pastries in the delicatessen at Bowland Food Hall.

“I’ve been selling specialist cheeses for more than 10 years in Clitheroe and have been lucky to build up a really loyal clientele who are as obsessed with good cheese as I am,” says Jan. “I love chatting to customers and I’ve already noticed a more diverse range of customers popping into the food hall.


A quote from Jan Curtis

“Right from the start I always wanted to be really purist about the cheeses by getting the best products in and letting them speak for themselves. I always set out to appeal to people who were really passionate about cheese and wanted to learn more about it.”

“We all tend to stick to what we know, but I love helping people broaden their horizons by asking them what sort of styles they like and then introducing them to new cheeses I think they will enjoy.

“We’re happy to offer samples to customers who want to try before they buy and we’ll also help them explore new varieties or put together a really diverse cheeseboard for a special occasion like a dinner party or family gathering.

“It’s great to see local producers experimenting with new styles or products such as Carron Lodge’s Inglewhite Buffalo Cheddar. And since Butlers had such a hit with Blacksticks Blue, it’s good to see more really distinctive blue cheeses like Dewlay’s Nicky Nook being made in Lancashire.

“While we do carry a wide range of classic continental cheeses, we are so spoiled for premium cheeses around here and we do try to focus on locally produced artisan cheeses. At Clitheroe Food Festival, I had 29 different varieties of Lancashire cheese on the counter – I think that must be some sort of record!

But there’s a lot more to the Deli than cheese. Jan has brought together a fabulous selection of cooked meats, ‘Holmes-made’ pies and pastries, olives and other scrumptious savoury treats – in fact absolutely everything you need for the perfect picnic!

Olives, pestos and hummus are all available to order, as well as some classic salads such as a wonderfully fresh and fragrant traditional Greek Salad using top quality matured feta which is far less bitter and acidic than some of the mass market brands.

“The cooked and cured meats come from some superb suppliers and I love the theatre of slicing them just right and letting people taste a sliver. I try to avoid wrapping them up in cellophane and I know people can taste the difference when they get them home
and they are still in perfect condition.

A quote from Jan Curtis

“The selection of pies and savoury pastries is also something I’m really proud of. We have some truly passionate artisan producers making authentic products in small quantities and it’s great to offer them an outlet to a wider audience.

“From our own ‘Holmes-made’ range to All About Pies’ lovingly crafted classics and Roy Porter’s legendary pork pies, we have something to titillate even the most discerning pie-lover’s palette!”

“We’re getting an amazing mix of people coming to the Food Hall. It’s lovely to see so many of my old customers coming to see me here, but I find I’m talking to a much more diverse spread of people from all sorts of backgrounds and travelling from
further afield.”

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