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Bowland Forest Eggs

Free range eggs from happy chickens with the freedom to roam across the fields on the sunny south-facing slopes of the Forest of Bowland.

Perched high up on the south-facing flanks of Longridge Fell, John Collinson’s free range chickens must have some of the best views in Britain.


A quote from John Collinson

“We’ve got around 20,000 birds on the farm and they wander around over the fields during the day but spend the nights tucked safely away from foxes in roomy, naturally ventilated hen houses,”

“Hougher Fall Farm has been in the Collinson family for three generations and eggs have always been a major part of the business. We’re very careful to look after the welfare of our birds and source only the best quality feed because we’ve learned from experience that keeping the chickens happy is the best way to maintain a consistent supply of top quality, great-tasting eggs.

“All our eggs are free range, Freedom Food-accredited and Lion-coded which gives customers assurance of animal welfare and quality.

“We pick the eggs fresh every morning, pack them and dispatch them to local retailers
as quickly as possible. As well as ensuring freshness, buying eggs laid in the Forest of Bowland keeps food miles to a minimum.”

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