Batch Gin, Burnley

From experimental beginnings in a basement flat, hand-crafted Batch gin is now a
firm favourite among the growing legions of designer gin connoisseurs

“We started three years ago with a little laboratory in the cellar of my house not far
from the current distillery on Coalclough Lane. We started referring to it as ‘Batch’ to
reflect our ‘small batch’ approach to production and once we’d perfected the blend of
aromatics and botanicals, it really started to take off and we’ve never looked back.

“We continue to distil in tiny batches compared to the big distillers, but we have
moved beyond the experimental stage into something more professional.

“My uncle started the business and he can take the credit for perfecting the balance of
botanicals we use, but we have continued to refine the blend since.

“We started distilling just before Christmas which is why we use frankincense and
myrrh in the blend, but the rest of the botanicals are what you’d expect to see in a
standard dry London gin.

A quote from Ollie Sanderson

“We recommend serving Batch in a generous measure, with Fever Tree tonic, a
lightly crushed frozen raspberry, plenty of ice and a slice of lime or twist of lime

“Last year, we introduced our distinctive take on Sloe Gin, but using that elusive
moorland berry that’s always associated with Lancashire – the whinberry. This goes
wonderfully well with a ginger ale mixer or with prosecco – that’s a seriously grown-
up drink.”

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