All About Pies, Accrington

A passionate pair of career-changers with simple mission – to hand-raise old-
fashioned pies with proper pastry and cram them with a delicious range of
traditional fillings.

“It’s a real labour of love is this,” says John. “ We’re at it pretty much seven days a
week during the summer and we still can’t make enough pies to keep up with demand.


A quote from John Thornton

“We’ve considered expanding the operation, but we’re worried about compromising
the quality and that’s what we’ve built our reputation on.”

Always a keen cook, John took redundancy from an engineering job to set up his
fledgling business five years ago and Caroline quit her job to join him three years

And when they aren’t making a couple of thousand pies a week by hand in their
pristine pie factory in Accrington, John and Caroline can usually be found selling
direct to customers at farmers markets all over the northwest or delivering to an ever-
expanding network of specialist retailers.

“We do everything from scratch and it’s pretty intense physical work and long hours,
but we both love being our own bosses,” adds Caroline. “We use specially formulated
flour from a small independent flour mill and try to get as many of our fillings from
local suppliers so I know exactly what’s gone into each and every pie. I can even tell
whether the top has been shaped by me or John and we even talk about pies on our
occasional days off!

A quote from Caroline Gallogly

“But when you chat to customers about the pies and send them away with a couple to
try and they come back the following week to tell you how amazing they were, it
gives you a huge buzz – that’s what keeps us going.”

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