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What is Veganuary? A Guide

January is a time for New Year resolutions and fresh beginnings. A lot of people aim to burn off the onslaught of eating everything in sight over Christmas and want to feel good about themselves going into the new year.

Going vegan for Veganuary is a great way that people can control their diet and set themselves up for the rest of the year. 

But what is Veganuary? And why are people doing it? Well, it’s a charity effort that encourages the lifestyle change of going vegan.

This post will outline and explain everything you need to know about it and the benefits of getting involved in the worldwide campaign. 


We’ll cover: 



What is Veganuary?

As the name would suggest, Veganuary is a global campaign that encourages people to go vegan for the whole of January. But why? Well, the charity aims to showcase the different health and environmental benefits that making the switch can have for everybody – not just those that’re partaking. 


Try Vegan This January With Veganuary


Changing your diet isn’t easy, especially going vegan where all animal products are removed from your diet. Which is why the charity’s team of experts are always on hand to provide the support and knowledge for those who are deciding to make the switch.

From advice and guidance to handy recipe inspiration, they’re there to make the transition to a plant-based diet as smooth as possible. With places like Bowland Food Hall to shop, finding inspiration for a vegan feast couldn’t be easier. 


Try being vegan for January, veganuary


Switching diets just for January isn’t going to solve all the world’s problems – obviously. But the campaign is designed to show people that going vegan doesn’t just mean eating mass amounts of nuts and seeds, but there are amazing dishes and various benefits to switching to a vegan diet.

People have different motivations for doing Veganuary. Whether it’s wanting to see if they can cope with a plant-based diet, help shift the extra weight from a heavy Christmas period or support the charity with sponsored donations. 


Where Did the Idea Come From?

Similar to Dry January, Veganuary started in the UK in 2014. From a group of people challenging people to go vegan for January back then, 2019 saw over a quarter of a million people sign up to the pledge. And not only in the UK too. The challenge has gone global and is predicted to grow in size once again for 2020. 


veganuary campaign


Following a plant-based diet hasn’t only been around since 2014. 1994 saw the birth of World Vegan Day and has gained a large following since. From everyday people to high-profile celebrities, there are various campaigns that promote the health benefits of switching to a vegan diet. 


What are the Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet?


By eliminating meat and other animal products, you’ll be relying on other foods a lot more. And in the case of a plant-based diet, it means that you’ll be getting your nutrition from fruit, vegetables, beans, peas and nuts. Due to the increase in these food groups, you’ll find that vegan diets provide more fibre, antioxidants and a higher value of beneficial nutrients – providing that you stay away from fast food options, that is. 


Bowland food hall buddha bowl


A vegan diet can help you lose excess weight. Naturally, they have a tendency to reduce your calorie count significantly. So, paired with a regular exercise routine, you’ll find yourself losing more weight than ever before. This is one of the main reasons that people tend to follow a plant-based diet, especially entering a new year too. 

It’s been widely reported that vegan diets can contribute towards preventing different forms of cancer. After all, studies show that some cancers can be prevented from factors that are within our control. And one of the main ones is our diet. Certain aspects of a plant-based diet are beneficial at protecting you from developing breast, prostate and colon cancers. 


Happy smiling shop worker


Making the switch to a plant-based diet means that you’ll be consuming a considerable amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. Therefore, your intake of fibre will rise which is good for reducing the risk of heart disease. In fact, a vegan diet is renowned for being beneficial for the overall health of your heart. 


What are the Environmental Benefits of a Vegan Diet?


Of course, one of the main reasons that people decide to go vegan is to benefit their own health. But there are other areas in which switching to a plant-based diet can be beneficial – the environment is a major one. 

Veganism can combat world hunger. Whilst this may seem like a big statement, it’s 100 percent true. It’s estimated that over 700 million tons of food that could be given to humans each year goes to livestock. Plus, deforestation, overfishing and pollution that’s caused by meat and fishing industries limits the capacity of the earth to produce food. 

veganism to help the environment


So, with less capacity to produce food, the more chance that more people will be going hungry at the expense of it. If more farmland was used to grow crops for humans, more people could be fed at a smaller expense. 

Vegan diets reduce overall energy usage. Raising livestock requires a lot of energy due to the amount of food that they consume and how long it takes for them to grow. Meat products also need to be shipped and transported and it takes a long time to get from the slaughterhouses to its final destination. 

Whereas, plant-based proteins can be raised with eight times less energy than other meat-based products. 


How is Bowland Food Hall Supporting Veganuary?


At Bowland Food Hall, we’re fully behind the Veganuary campaign and will be stocking plenty of vegan products to help keep your diet healthy and tasty throughout the month. Whether it’s stocked on our shelves or over our deli counter, we’ll have plenty of amazing vegan choices on offer throughout the month for you to choose from – to make going vegan an absolute breeze. 


Three bean chilli, vegan shopping


We’re stocking a boosted choice of vegan ingredients for January – but why stop there? Why not try and incorporate one vegan meal a week to do your bit? A flexitarian diet can have so many advantages for you personally and the wider environment too. 


violife vegan cheese for veganuary


From biscuits to our buddha bowls, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you. Likewise, whether it’s something for lunch or the family dinner, we have a range of products that are perfect for all different preferences. We recognise the benefits to switching to a plant-based diet, both personally and for the environment, which is why we’re huge supporters of this way of eating.


Our Favourite Easy Vegan Recipes to Inspire You


We know that changing diets isn’t easy. And it can be hard to know where to start when first making the switch. That’s why we’re giving you two of our favourite, easy vegan recipes for you to try out at home. Or, if you can’t find the time to make them yourself, pop down to the food hall and pick them up from us for a quick lunch with no artificial flavourings or ingredients. 


Curried Tofu Skewers


Curried tofu skewers vegan recipe cooking for veganuary




      • Pack of Cauldron Vegan Tofu – Diced into 20 pieces 
      • Curry paste of your choice
      • Bamboo skewers
      • Green peppers
      • Red onion
      • Courgette 
      • Cherry tomatoes
      • Olive oil




Start by marinating the tofu in your curry paste overnight. When sufficiently marinated, thread the tofu onto your bamboo skewers. Alternate the tofu with red onion, green peppers, courgette pieces and cherry tomatoes. 


Once skewered, drizzle them lightly with olive oil and grill for 10-15 minutes. Turn them regularly until the tofu is nicely toasted. And you’re good to go! Take them off the grill and enjoy. 


Bean Tacos


Bean Tacos Vegan Recipe




      • Soft tortilla taco shells
      • Onion
      • Garlic
      • Tomato
      • Courgette
      • Tin of mixed beans
      • Vegan mozzarella
      • Lime
      • Tomato passata
      • Rice




Start off by making the bean filling. Saute onion, garlic, tomato and courgette. After you’ve browned these, add in a tin of mixed beans and season with smoked paprika, chilli powder, salt and pepper to taste. Then add in a little tomato passata to moisten and bind the ingredients all together. 


Then stuff the taco shells with the filling, top with a slice of vegan mozzarella and then wrap in tinfoil. Bake at 160° for 20 minutes, uncovering for the last 5 to give your taco shells a golden crunch. Remove from the oven and squeeze your lime over the top to finish. Serve with rice and homemade coleslaw for the perfect vegan meal.  


Join Thousands of Others and Attempt Veganuary


Veganuary is a craze that’s sweeping the globe. So, are you going to join thousands of others taking the plunge? Think of the health and environmental benefits that you can control by doing so. If you choose to, the team at Bowland Food Hall will be fully behind you with tips, guidance and inspirational recipes for you to access. 


Lastly, best of luck from all of our team!
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