Stick to your healthy resolutions

Welcome to this week’s food blog from Bowland Food Hall at Holmes Mill. This week the food hall team have been busy rearranging our fruit and veg display to show off our amazing local produce.

We’re half way through January and for those of who have managed to stick to your post-Christmas health kick (don’t worry it’s not too late to pick it up again!) we have a super cleansing juice recipe for you.

Our chief mixologist Sarah as outlined some of the benefits of the GREEN MACHINE juice and how to make it at home using fresh local ingredients;

“This juice is amazing for repair of the body. The lime gives the other ingredients a kick start and helps the body to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins from the spinach. It’s also great for the immune system as well as heart health, perfect for a January juice cleanse.”

Ingredients for one juice

2 x Golden Delicious apples

2 x Handfuls of spinach

1x Medium sized courgette

1x Lime



Place all ingredients straight into our juicer and voila! The perfect vitamin boost!

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