Real Bread Week 2020: Everything You Need to Know

Real Bread Week is fast approaching us, which means that it’s almost time to celebrate all things bread. From sandwiches to savoury loaves, there is so much to choose from. And, for one week only, it is officially ok to indulge in as much doughy goodness as we possibly can!

But what exactly is Real Bread Week? When is it? And what can you look forward to throughout the celebration? We know, there are a lot of questions that you’ll desperately want the answers to. So, we’ve outlined everything we feel you need to know in this post, read on to find out more.

We’ll cover:
  • What is Real Bread Week?
  • What’s Happening During Real Bread Week?
  • Our Favourite Bread Recipes For You To Try
  • How Bowland Food Hall is Celebrating


What is Real Bread Week?

Quite simply, Real Bread Week is the annual celebration of additive-free loaves and those who make them. This year, it runs from 22nd February – 1st March. The only criteria that real bread has to follow is that it has to be made without the use of processing aids or any other additives. So, from bagels to tortillas, as long as they’re additive-free, they all count towards the campaign for better bread.

As always, Real Bread Week has two main aims. These are:

  • Urge people to buy their bread from a local independent business.
  • Encourage everyone to dust off their pinny and bake their own bread.

So, if you usually buy your bread from a chain supermarket, why not swap your branded sliced loaf for a local farmhouse bloomer? After all, it’s the independent companies that put back into your local town and economy. A lot of the time, buyers choose supermarkets for convenience, but it’s this popular decision that’s leaving a lot of local businesses out of pocket.

Or why not even try baking your own efforts? Baking can be a good way to bring the family closer together. Whether that’s baking altogether as a team effort, or everybody sat around the table enjoying your delicacies. Be warned though, you’ll require a degree of perseverance, as baking bread can be a little frustrating. And baking bread with your other half – well, we’ll say no more.

Real Bread Week is also a time that the charity, Sustain, encourages people to sign up to the Real Bread Campaign. The campaign is basically a mission to restore bread as one of the main staples of the everyday diet, back to the popularity that it once was in previous years.

Real Bread Week at Bowland Food Hall | Holmes Mill


What’s Happening During Real Bread Week?

Each year, Real Bread Week grows in popularity and more people get involved than ever before. The week sees nurseries, schools, care homes and local businesses all organising events that feature real bread. Whether it be coffee mornings, bake sales or group baking classes, there are so many different options for you to get involved in.

You can see what events are happening near you by checking out this calendar. Just enter your postcode and it’ll throw up plenty of results that you can get involved in within your local area.

Anybody and everybody are encouraged to bake real bread during the week. Whether it’s an absolute masterpiece or an utter tragedy, bakers are encouraged to show off their efforts on social media with the hashtag “#RealBreadWeek”. This gives all bakers the opportunity to spark up a conversation with each other and share their real bread recipes.

So, will you rise up (sorry) to the challenge and bake your own bread during Real Bread Week 2020?


Our Favourite Bread Recipes For You To Try

Rustic Spanish Bread

Sometimes recipes are so good that you continue to make them over and over again. And you can’t beat a typical white rustic bread recipe, can you? And the Spanish have this down to a fine art. Descending from Barcelona, this soft-textured loaf is a beautiful starting point for bread to be proud of.

Not only does it taste amazing but it’s incredibly versatile too. Enjoy it in various ways but one of the best ways we find is simply with some raspberry jam. With bread like this, you don’t need to over complicate things. Let the bread do the talking and you’ll find that it can hold its own.

Chocolate Brioche Bread Wreath

Real Bread Week is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying some new, exciting recipes. And this chocolate brioche bread wreath is certainly a showstopper! Brioche always goes down well, especially when paired with chocolate. They’re light, fluffy and tastes incredible – what more could you want from your real bread?

Plus, the wreath design means they’re great for the holidays too. So, once you’ve nailed your technique, you can dig out this classic at Easter or Christmas to impress the family when they come round. Nothing will bring the family together like their shared love of chocolatey, sweet real bread.

Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese milk bread is the most tender bread that’s perfect for sandwiches or even your morning toast. So, say goodbye to your supermarket toastie loaf and have a go at making your own milk bread. You won’t regret it – and it’s guaranteed to be the softest bread you’re likely to have come across.

Originating from Asia, the method is a little unusual in comparison to orthodox bread making. Which is another reason why we love this bread so much. Put your skills to the test and see if you can master the method. Don’t get too down-hearted if it doesn’t pay off straight away, remember making bread is an art that needs to be perfected over time. Persistence is key and you’ll reap the rewards once you’ve baked the perfect loaf.

Real Bread Week at Bowland Food Hall | Holmes Mill


How Bowland Food Hall is Celebrating

At Bowland Food Hall, it’s safe to say that we love our bread! So, any chance that we get to celebrate it, we’re going to grasp it with both hands. Throughout the year, we stock various types of bread that are made with no additives. From sourdoughs to rye bread, you’ll be impressed with the wide range that you can find in the food hall.

Our suppliers are a family bakery in Wigan called “All You Knead.” And all you need to know is that they’re amazing at all things bread! There’s nobody else in the world we’d trust to deliver the standard that they do, which is why we know that Real Bread Week is going to be amazing.

Obviously, throughout Real Bread Week, we’ll have lots of options to choose from. So, you’ll be certain to find something that suits yours and the whole families needs. Whether it’s needing a classic loaf for a quick sandwich in the afternoon, or a savoury tear and share to enjoy with friends, we’ll have plenty of different options throughout the store.

Real Bread Week is one of our favourites in our busy calendar year. Not only is it a chance to support local independent businesses and our town, it’s also an opportunity to try something new – choose from sourdough, seeded bloomer, flavoured cobs, flatbreads and more. Yum!


Get Involved in Real Bread Week 2020

Are you going to join many others on the 22nd February in baking their own bread and buying local produce? Not only will you benefit from amazing options, but you may also discover a hidden talent and hobby in baking real bread. Why not give it a whirl?

At Bowland Food Hall, we’ll be celebrating until the 1st March with plenty of try me, buy me options – so, why not pop down and see what we have in store? Or, stay tuned for amazing tips, recipes and guidance from our fantastic team.

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