Pie is the Limit! Celebrate British Pie Week 2020

Is there anything more homely than returning from a long day at work to a piping hot homemade pie? We think not! Whilst the weather is wild outside, we can’t think of anything better than getting cosy with home comforts and proper food. And if there’s anything that’ll motivate you to get through the working day it’s knowing that you’re having pie later on.

As you can probably tell, we love pie – let’s face it, who doesn’t? We’ll happily jump at the chance to celebrate one of our favourite British dishes for a full week of the year. So, that’s just what we’re going to do.

British Pie Week 2020 starts on 2nd March and runs until the 8th. During this week it’s time to celebrate all things pies. So, keep your eyes on the pies and see what we have in store for you in this post.

We’ll cover:
  • What is British Pie Week?
  • What’s Going On During British Pie Week?
  • Our Favourite Recipes
  • How is Bowland Food Hall Celebrating?


What is British Pie Week?

Arguably, there are few things more British than a good old fashioned pie. So, it’s only right that one of the nation’s favourite dishes is celebrated across the UK. British Pie Week brings pie lovers together across the country for the biggest pastry party of the year!

British Pie Week was founded by Jus-Rol in 2007 and it has taken off enormously from there. According to Jus-Rol, 75 percent of people in the UK enjoy a pie once a month – so British Pie Week is the perfect opportunity for people to get their pie fix in March.

Whether you try your hand at baking your own for the family or enjoy a pie from your favourite bakery, there are various ways in which you can get involved. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a dessert or savoury, every pie counts – it’s up to you how you’ll get involved.

British Pie Week is a great chance for people to get inventive with their creations. We encourage everybody to get involved in any way they can and love to see new flavour combinations being put together.

It’s quickly become one of our favourite dates in the calendar – and it’s easy to see why. Any excuse to devour pie and peas for breakfast, lunch and dinner gets a big thumbs up from us.

British Pie Week | Bowland Food Hall | Holmes Mill


What’s Going On During British Pie Week?

Every year, British Pie Week becomes bigger and bigger. And 2020 is expected to be the biggest and best yet!

The basis of British Pie Week is celebrating a long-standing tradition. However, the execution adds a little twist on tradition. Sure, you’ll be able to get your hands on a wholesome chicken and leek or a meaty steak and ale pie but don’t be surprised if you come across some more inventive efforts.

Pie Week gives you the opportunity to get experimental with your pastry.. Fish and chips or jalfrezi curry in a pie? Surely not? Well, people love to try out new flavours and combine cuisines during this week, so get involved and try the funky looking pies.

Locally, people attend pie-baking competitions or even pie festivals to see what everybody’s bringing to the table – literally. It differs from town to town, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about or on social media for the latest events in your area.

It’s not just the flavour that pies are judged on. Look out for some seriously impressive pastry art too. It’s a way for people and businesses to show off their creative flair and really put their own twist on their pies. Some of the past results are incredibly impressive.


Our Favourite Recipes

Steak, Ale and Mushroom

We couldn’t not include this classic in our favourite recipes. When done right, you can’t top this classic steak, ale and mushroom pie. It’s fabulously British and will definitely please all the family. Although not the most outgoing pie, it’s a statement within itself. If you can perfect this one, you’ve got a recipe that can be used for years and years.

Serve with peas and gravy for the classic British dish. The perfect winter warmer on those cold weekends when trapped indoors. Or, the best way to comfort the family when they’re coming round for lunch. A classic that’ll delight everyone – you can’t go far wrong with that, can you?

Enchilada Pie
Just when you thought there wasn’t a way to make Mexican food even better – well, think again. Enchiladas are amazing on their own but why not take them to the next level during British Pie Week and encrust them within some homemade pastry? You may need a nap after a large helping of this filling option but trust us, it’s worth it.

Full of hearty veggies and a little chilli for a kick, it’s an inventive way to spice things up for the family. It provides an amazing four out of your five a day! So, whoever said pies weren’t great for your balanced diet, set them straight.

Apple Pie

What better way to round off your meal than digging into another pie? Dessert pies are a whole load of fun to make and are a great way of involving the kids with the cooking. This classic fruity pudding will leave the whole family feeling content and wanting more after they’ve tried it.

Not only does it taste amazing but it’s super easy to make too. Which means that you can get involved in British Pie Week even if you’re only a beginner in the kitchen.


How is Bowland Food Hall Celebrating?

At Bowland Food Hall, we’re ramping up our British Pie Week 2020 celebrations. Throughout the week, we’ll have plenty of try me, buy me options on offer in the Food Hall, so be sure to check out our amazing range of pies.

We’ll be highlighting a pie of the day too! Each day we’ll have a different flavour for you to drool over. Take it from us, your mouths will be watering! Our suppliers, Roy Porter Butchers, are serious about their pies and demand throughout Lancashire for them is always high. All the meat is locally sourced, to lock in flavour and make them melt in your mouth.

So much so that famous radio DJ, Chris Evans, said they were the best pork pies he’s ever tasted – and you can’t argue with that!

As we mentioned, British Pie Week is one of our favourites in the calendar year. We love the innovation and national participation that we see every year. Any chance to learn new recipes and grasp any inspiration is a winner for us.

British Pie Week | Bowland Food Hall | Holmes Mill


Get Involved With British Pie Week 2020

How do you plan on celebrating British Pie Week this year? Are you cooking for the family? Or, will you surprise the other half with their favourite bakery pie? Well, however you choose to celebrate it, we hope you enjoy devouring as much pastry baked goods as you can get your hands on.

Pop down and see us at Bowland Food Hall and we’ll be able to provide plenty of options that’ll satisfy your every pie need. Not only do we sell amazing pies, but we provide all the ingredients for you to create your own masterpieces, including top-quality grass fed beef, locally sourced vegetables and a wide range of cheeses for you to choose from. Have a chat with one of our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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