How We’re Celebrating National Butchers Week

Now in its 12th year, National Butchers week is upon us once more. From 9th – 15th March, Butchers from around the UK join together and hold events, develop new recipes and further promote the outstanding quality of locally sourced meat.

From perfect juicy steaks to more obscure cuts, butchers provide a great service all year round. So, this is the one week of the year where we can celebrate their dedication and support the great jobs that they do.

Whether it’s a small independent butchers shop or one within a multi-national supermarket, there are various types of butcher shops within the UK – all of which will be celebrated during National Butchers Week in 2020.

In this post we’ll cover:
  • What is National Butchers Week?
  • When is National Butchers Week?
  • How is Bowland Food Hall Celebrating National Butchers Week?

National Butchers Week | Bowland Foodhall

What is National Butchers Week?

One of the most anticipated dates in the butchers’ calendar, National Butchers Week is a great opportunity for meat merchants to engage with their customers. During this week, you’ll no doubt see butchers boasting special offers or even running competitions to win special hampers and prizes.

National Butchers Week highlights the amazing job that your butcher does sourcing and preparing the best quality meat for your meals. And it’s their chance to celebrate that! No two butchers are the same, there’s innovation in each and every shop. Whether that’s different combinations in their sausages or down to incredible customer service, butchers differ up and down the country.

The week is presented by William Reed Business Media, who is responsible for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the International Wine Challenge and the World Steak Challenge too. During the week they present two competitions and events. Butcher’s Shop of the Year and the Champion of Champions – where you can expect to see sausage making contests and other fun games too. The steaks are high!

So, if you’re passionate about all things meat, you’re in for a treat during National Butchers Week. One of our favourite things about the week is the unusual combinations that are married together within products. We love trying new things and that’s exactly what this week gives everybody the opportunity to get involved with.

National Butchers Week | Bowland Food Hall | Holmes Mill


When is National Butchers Week?

As mentioned earlier, National Butchers Week takes place this year from 9th – 15th March. During this week, you can look forward to plenty of meaty treats. Make sure you get involved and support your local butcher shop.

Look out for events near you! There’s a lot going on. Sausage eating competitions are a great day out for some family-centred fun. Will you be the champion of your family? Or, will you not quite cut the cloth? Either way, make sure you get involved.

You’ll no doubt see National Butchers Week dominating social media channels. Whatever you get up to, make sure you share it via your profile with the hashtag #NationalButchersWeek to connect with other people enjoying the week. Some butchers may even be holding giveaways and competitions so you have the chance to win some great prizes.

How is Bowland Food Hall Celebrating National Butchers Week?

At Bowland Food Hall, we show off our wide range of meat options all year round. Our Butcher Boys, Joe and Callum, are always on hand to tell you exactly where our meat is sourced, along with pairing advice and recipe tips. However, during National Butchers Week we take it to the next level. We’re passionate about providing our customers with the best meat they can get their hands on – and that’s exactly what we do. Plus, we love to support other local businesses that produce their meat in the most natural ways.

Bank End Farm, Cockerham | Bowland Food Hall Supplier

Bank End Farm, Cockerham

Our quality lamb is supplied by Bank End Farm. A true family business, with the farm being in their family since 1936, their salt marsh lamb is incredible. It’s sweeter and more tender than inland reared lamb, which means that all the goodness is locked in for your enjoyment. It’s also leaner, which means it’s better for you and isn’t as high in fat content.

The Holland Family | Suppliers at Bowland Food Hall | Holmes Mill

The Holland Family

The Holland family takes pride in rearing happy and healthy animals. Not only do they prioritise their animals’ wealth of life but their customer service too. They deal directly with customers at farmers markets as it allows them to be the best business that they can be. An ethical business that cares about its customers – you can’t ask for much more than that, can you?

They raise their own cattle, sheep and turkeys who roam free on their beautiful site. The views from their farm are second to none and it’s a great place for the animals to grow up and graze around freely.

Cowmans Butchers | Bowland Food Hall Suppliers | Holmes Mill

Cowman’s Butchers

We work closely with a fellow-Clitheroe institution, Cowman’s Butchers. Famous for their sausages, you’ll see their wide range available in the food hall. They only use the best ingredients from local farms and you can instantly tell the quality upon tasting them. They famously operate with the slogan, “Our sausages contain no slurry, slurp or goo… just quality meat.”

They have over 70 varieties, which means there’s something for everyone. Their prep team makes sausages three days a week, ranging from classic pork to more extravagant sunny sizzlers. Perfect for those long summer nights around the barbecue – maybe put them under the grill inside during National Butchers Week!

The Butcher Brothers, Preston | Bowland Food Hall Suppliers | Holmes Mill

The Butcher Brothers, Bowland Food Hall

The Butcher Brothers are our team of incredibly passionate butchers based in the Food Hall. The guys don’t produce the meat but they do prepare it creating an interesting and varied selection of marinated and flavoured cuts along with “Holmes” made burgers, and BBQ favorites. There’s no mass-production here, it’s all about fresh produce and preparation. The aim is to source and stock high-quality, ethically raised meat that doesn’t need messing around with!

Porcus, Todmorden | Bowland Food Hall Suppliers

Porcus, Todmorden

On the hills above Todmorden, two ladies dedicate their lives to raising happy pigs living good lives. They’re free-roaming, which means they’re constantly content and are carefully and respectfully made into real food. Bacon, black pudding and sausages are all made by Porcus and they’re served in the Food Hall and Brewery too – they’re not to be missed.

Get Involved During National Butchers Week

So, that’s how Bowland Food Hall is not only celebrating National Butchers Week but how we stock our counters all year round. Pop down during the week for plenty of try me, buy me options. Or, chat with one of our passionate team who’ll provide you with plenty of recommendations and advice when buying your meat.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect banger to accompany your mash, or the right meat to put in a tasty pie, we’re here to help!

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