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4 Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Bowland Food Hall

Mothering Sunday is a long-standing tradition that is dedicated to celebrating mothers around the world. Not only this, it’s a way to give personal recognition of everything that your mother does for you every day. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t show thanks for this every day, but this is a special opportunity for Mum to put her feet up and be looked after.

The mother plays a vital and unique role in each family. From being a shoulder to cry on to providing for her family, a mother will always look after their children. So, Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to spoil them rotten and show them how grateful you are for everything that they do.

But what’s the perfect way to celebrate? Well, if you want to mix things up from the usual gifts you buy every year. Or, if you’ve given it a lot more thought than last-minute flowers from the petrol station, we’ve explained four great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that she’ll undoubtedly love.

We’ll cover:
  • When is Mother’s Day?
  • Go Out For a Meal
  • Cook for the Family
  • Buy Her Favourite Gifts
  • Gift Her A Voucher For Her Favourite Shops

When is Mother’s Day?

Forgetting when Mother’s Day is will undoubtedly land you in hot water. So, the date for your diaries is Sunday 22nd March. You can be forgiven for forgetting though, it’s easily done – especially as it changes each year. One thing that is always the same though is that it’s celebrated on a Sunday.

The date changes each year as it aligns with Easter. It first began as a church tradition and Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is three weeks from Easter. So, when you’re planning the perfect day for your Mum, take into account what she might have given up for lent – she won’t thank you for testing her willpower and tempting her to cave in.

Sharing Platter at Bowland Food Hall


Go Out For a Meal

Who doesn’t like being treated to lunch or dinner out from time to time? And what better way to show your Mum how thankful you are than by taking her out for her favourite meal at a nice restaurant? Meals out are a great way to bring the family together and recognise what the woman of the house does for everybody.

Make it special this Mother’s Day with Bowland Food Hall’s Sharing Platter for Two. They’re perfect to share with your Mum while catching up and sharing memories. Customisable to your tastes, they give you the ideal portion size for a taster of everything, whether you like our Holmes Made Sausage Rolls or locally sourced Scotch Eggs. That way, you can both enjoy various delicacies and wash them down with a glass of wine. Pick up a gift voucher in-store for £30 (includes two glasses of wine) and present it to redeem your board. Available every Friday-Sunday from 11am-4pm.

Or, if you want to save yourself a job from the typical breakfast in bed, why not head out for a breakfast or brunch that’ll set you up perfectly for the rest of the day. At Bowland Food Hall, if it’s Pancakes, Eggs Benedict or a Sausage Butty that’ll put a smile on your Mum’s face, then you’re in luck. We only use the freshest organic ingredients in our food, so you can savour and enjoy every flavour.

Dine in for 4 this Mother's Day | Bowland Food Hall

Cook for the Family

If going out isn’t your thing, or you want to return the favour for the endless amounts of home-cooked meals that your Mum has made you through the years, why not cook for her and all the family? Nothing says Mother’s Day like allowing your Mum to kick back and chill out while you put in the groundwork around the house.

If you’re planning on making your meal from scratch, we have plenty of fresh ingredients available in the Food Hall that you can combine to make the perfect dish. However, if you’re no Gordon Ramsey, we’ve put together a special dine-in for four package so that you can treat the whole family. Each pack contains a main, two sauces, four sides and your choice of dessert to leave the family full and content.

Plus, why not add some wine to cheers the toast for just £8 extra? Mothering Sunday is the perfect chance for your Mum to relax with a glass of her favourite wine. Pick up your Dine in for 4 package from the Food Hall from Wednesday 18th March.

Buy Her Favourite Gifts

Spoiling your Mum with her favourite gifts is one way that will definitely show your appreciation on Mother’s Day. We don’t mean that you have to go all out and spend money on your Mum for her to see how grateful you are. After all, it’s the thought that counts and sentimental gifts are often better received than those of a greater monetary value.

As people, one of our favourite ways to treat ourselves is to indulge in sweet treats and our favourite drinks. Well, why not prepare your Mum for a big night in with one of our personalised hampers from the Food Hall? They can be as small or as big as you require and are the perfect way to pack all your Mum’s favourite things into one present. Include anything from luxury chocolates to craft gins, to make her day special.

Create your own hamper and we’ll even wrap it for you! Our luxury hampers are gift wrapped perfectly and are beautifully hand wrapped by our brilliant team. Pop down and have a chat with us and one of our lovely staff members will be glad to help out.

Gift Her A Voucher For Her Favourite Shops

Gifting can sometimes be hard, even if it is for somebody as close as your Mum. Well, say goodbye to worrying whether you got a gift receipt or not and treat her to a voucher for her favourite shop. You can pick up a voucher for any James’ Places venue at the Food Hall, so you can guarantee that your Mum will be left happy with her Mother’s Day present.

Giving your Mum a wide range of options to choose from is perfect if you’re stuck for choice at what she might like. Leave the decision up to her and you can’t go wrong! Especially with the treasure trove of amazing products in stock at the Food Hall.

Mother's Day at Bowland Food Hall

Celebrate Mother’s Day Perfectly This Year

Your Mum deserves to be treated – especially on Mother’s Day. So, make sure that she has a day to remember by celebrating it in the perfect way. Remember, Mother’s Day isn’t all about what presents you buy but the time you spend together and the way you show your appreciation.

As you’ve just read, there are various ways that you can celebrate Mother’s Day, so enjoy your family time together and make it extra special! At Bowland Food Hall, we can help make Mother’s Day perfect for you and all the family.

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