Bowland Food Hall SHOP ONLINE

The Food Hall ‘Butcher Boys’ Callum, Tom and Jake know a thing or two about great meat. Not only can they tell you where the meat was reared, they can also give you pairing advice and recipe tips to make the most of your purchases. Our local meat suppliers include Saltmarsh Lamb, Little Town Dairy, and Bowland Pork Beef & Lamb! 

Meet Callum

“Our basic philosophy is that high quality, properly aged meat doesn’t need messing around with. We’re really proud of the quality of our steaks, where we’re looking for good fat content and nice, even marbling. They are properly aged and packed with flavour. A bit of salt and pepper and they’re good to go.

We do offer some more elaborate prepared dishes like our mojito-flavoured Mexican tacos and Thai inspired pork, lemongrass and ginger meatballs. We’ve also experimented with bourbon-glazed steaks and Bowland Ale meatballs – which went down really well with a pint from the beer hall next door.”