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Are you looking for the perfect location to get together with loved ones this December? For all group bookings of 8 and over, we do require a deposit and pre-order. Drop us a line on the contact form below and we’ll get back to you with availability.

Group Bookings of 8 People +

Contact Details

Holmes Mill

Tel: 01200 407120

The Bowland Beer Hall

Tel: 01200 401035

Bowland Brewery

Tel: 01200 443592

Information, Events & Ticket Office

Tel: 01200 407150

Bistro, Bar & Grill

Tel: 01200 407112

Spinning Block Hotel

Tel: 01200 407111

The Food Hall

Tel: 01200 407130

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Opening Times

The Bowland Beer Hall

Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm
(Food 12pm-9pm)

Friday 11am – 12am
(Food 12pm-9pm)

Saturday 11am – 12am
(Food 12pm-9pm)

Sunday 11am – 9pm
(Food 12pm-7pm)

Food Hall

Monday - Saturday
9am - 6pm

10am - 4pm

Bistro, Bar & Grill

Monday to Friday 7am – 9:30am
Saturday & Sunday 8am – 10:30am

Monday to Friday 12noon – 2:30pm
Saturday 12noon – 4pm
Sunday 12noon – 4pm

Monday to Friday 5pm – 9pm
Saturday 5pm – 9pm
Sunday 5pm – 8pm