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All Food Hotel/Bistro Beer Wedding Events

Bitter Be Back

Why your Grandad’s favourite beer is the most in-demand style Once upon a short while ago, taproom beer lists were a Scooby-Doo corridor of interchangeable pale ales, with an embellishing stout or sour to provide some novel semblance of variety.

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Stories from the Cellar

Our Cellar Master Jason tells us how he got to where he is today … Flashback to Autumn 2014. I was Assistant Manager of the New Inn, and there was a rumour going around town. Bowland Brewery had been sold.

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Feel Good Pints of the Summer

It can be overwhelming, can’t it? Spoiled for choice, the list goes on, just how many beers are there to choose from? Fret not, confused quaffer. For those of you who become absolutely weak at the tongue when confronted with…

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Our tradition, our heritage, our beacon, our reward.

While we’ve all maintained our support of our nearest and dearest breweries by enjoying bottled and canned offerings at home amidst the various, seemingly never-ending forced closures of pubs of the last year, living, breathing cask ale is a different…

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Holmes Mill Easter Ice Cream Competition

Ever imagined how your dream ice cream would taste? One thing we do know, is it will taste even better once all this is over. Keep the big kids & little kids entertained in lock down, even for a short…

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4 Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Bowland Food Hall

Mothering Sunday is a long-standing tradition that is dedicated to celebrating mothers around the world. Not only this, it’s a way to give personal recognition of everything that your mother does for you every day. We’re not saying that you…

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Sharing Platter at Bowland Food Hall