New Beer Thursday Q&A with Bridgehouse Brewery

Today is New Beer Thursday in Bowland Beer Hall, where we celebrate special beers and the Breweries behind them. This week we reached out to James Kelly from Bridgehouse Brewery to get the low down on their 10.0% anniversary ’10 Year Imperial Porter’;

How did Bridgehouse begin?

In January 2010 Bridgehouse Brewery purchased Ryburn brewers brew kit and commenced brewing in Keighley in March 2010 we very soon moved up the Worth valley to Oxenhope. In May 2014, Bridgehouse Brewery purchased Old Bear brewery and the brewery then moved to the Old Bear site in Aireworth Road. After an extensive refurbishment of our flagship pub the Airedale Heifer in Keighley Bridgehouse built a bespoke Brewhouse in the garden of the Heifer where the Brewing is done to this day. 

 Tell us the story behind this beer;

When we were discussing options for potential anniversary beers we realised that the majority of our award winning beers are Porters/Stouts, we quickly decided to brew a style of porter/Stout that we have never done before an imperial porter the ABV of 10.0% was a nod to our 10-year anniversary.

What’s your favourite aspect of this beer (flavour, aroma, etc.)?

Being 10.0% I presumed this beer would have strong flavours that would limit its market to hard core porter fans but I was happily surprised when tasting as it is very easy drinking, hints of liquorice and burnt toffee are present but not overwhelming.

 Can you describe this beer in 3 words?

Black, burnt toffee, liquorice

 Can you recommend a good food pairing for this beer?

 Steak pies, Cheese board or a cream based desert

Have you got anything exciting happening in the pipeline?

 Bridgehouse Brewery is in the process of installing a still on site and production of our very own Gin will commence later this year.

We’re looking forward to seeing what exciting things come from Bridgehouse in the future, but in the meantime you can grab yourself a pint of their ’10 Year Imperial Porter’ & help them celebrate this special milestone from today!

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