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Feel Good Pints of the Summer

It can be overwhelming, can’t it? Spoiled for choice, the list goes on, just how many beers are there to choose from?

Fret not, confused quaffer. For those of you who become absolutely weak at the tongue when confronted with a beer menu as long as your arm, we’ve compiled a greatest-hits mixtape of the very best crowd-pleasing ales you’ll be seeing on the pumps at the Bowland Beer Hall this summer.

Consider it an Emergency ‘Don’t Panic And Order Peroni’ Survival Kit.


Bowland Brewery – Hen Harrier – 4% Golden Ale

What else, of course? If you looked up dependability in the beer dictionary there would be the striking yellow pump clip. Hen Harrier is a beer for all moods and all occasions; great as a whistle-wetter preluding a varied tasting session, and moreish enough to stick with your whole visit through. Balanced and flavoursome to compliment the wholesome grub on offer from the Beer Hall kitchen.


Vocation – Heart & Soul – 4.2% Session IPA

Despite now being renowned for sweeping the supermarket craft beer shelves by storm, we at the Beer Hall remember the origin story of these Yorkshire titans in their sublime cask offerings. The winning combination of Citra and Mosaic hops in generous proportion impart an aroma and flavour belonging to a beer of much heftier strength. As an added bonus, Heart & Soul is also gluten-free.

Saltaire – Saltaire Blonde – 4% Blonde Ale

An ideal gateway beer for lager drinkers who want to see what all the hype around cask is about, Saltaire Blonde prominently uses Saaz hops most often found in European pilsners, providing a low bitterness and smoothness that drinkers of the cold fizzy stuff are bound to love.

Ilkley – Ilkley Pale – 4.2% Pale Ale

Described as the ‘Sauvignon Blanc of beer’, one sip of Ilkley Pale will have you agreeing. The key ingredient here is the Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand, grown in the same region as the coveted Marlborough grape. The climate and soil conditions also impart the same grassy, pungent and floral notes to the hops as it does to the grapes, and Ilkley Pale is a prime example of this.


Schöfferhofer Grapefruit – 2.5% Grapefruit Weizen Radler

And now for something completely different. While on paper it might seem like just a fancy shandy, this hybrid of traditional German wheat beer and sparkling grapefruit juice is nothing short of life-changing. A divine pairing for almost any food. A refreshing quench on an unseasonably hot day. And a low ABV means you can have more than a couple and still function the morning after.



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