Beer Hall

Welcome to the Bowland Beer Hall at Holmes Mill, the fabulous new showcase and tasting parlour for Bowland Brewery.

The Brewery has always been at the heart of our scheme to redevelop this remarkably intact former textile mill and it’s fitting that the Brewery and the Beer Hall are the first phases to be complete.

The Beer Hall is not just a showcase for Bowland’s beers, it’s a showcase for beers of all kinds, from all parts of the country, continent and the rest of the world too, whether in a cask or keg, a bottle or can, whether dark or light, weak or strong.

To do these great beers justice we needed to build a bar, a great big bar. Which is what we did. And then, we made it bigger. We think we now have the longest continuous bar in Britain (sorry to the Horse Shoe in Glasgow) but we challenge anyone to tell us otherwise.

On this great, big bar we have 42 hand pull pumps for cask ales and any number of taps for kegs. And we aim to always have 24 cask ales on the bar. We also have the odd fridge or two behind the bar for those beers in bottles and cans. Then behind the scenes there’s a truly bonkers cellar to keep the whole thing stocked up and running smoothly.



With a minimum of 24 cask ales to choose from surely the hardest decision is where to start – something new and different or a familiar, trusted friend?

We can’t help you with that one but we can help you get the most out of your visit to the Beer Hall with our superb value Circumnavigation Tickets.

Simply choose which class you wish to travel, your point of departure and then make your way around.

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Drink it dry


Nestled in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Holmes Mill is an old textile mill which dates back to 1823. Keeping loyal to its industrial roots our Function Room bears all the natural textured walls, exposed beams and period character that you would expect for a building that has lasted the decades. With a few […]

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A weekend of great live music and workshops. In association with the Ribble Valley Jazz Fest

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28/04/17 £19.50

Swing Commanders

Live jazz, dancing, buns & beer! It’s not all table dwelling and head bobbing here, there’s a decent sized dance floor and we’re expecting most people on their feet!

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